The Untold Story Releases Zhang Boli’s Short Documentary on the Battle Against the Pandemic

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Zhang Boli, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and honorary president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a fighter against COVID-19 with TCM. In August 2020, He won the national honorary title of “People’s Hero”.

This short documentary was produced by The Untold Story, and it mainly told Zhang’s story about battling against COVID-19 and cultivating a useful medical talents team.

In this video, in January 2020, Covid-19 broke out in the city of Wuhan. The seventy-year-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) expert Zhang Boli and his team rushed to the front lines to help.

At the beginning of Covid-19’s breakout, Zhang Boli leaded a medical team of more than 350 medical personnel from Tianjin and Jiangsu to station in Wuhan Jiangxia shelter hospital.

Under the promotion of Zhang Boli, traditional Chinese medicine intervened in the treatment of covid-19 patients in the whole process. All the 16 shelter hospitals in Wuhan distributed TCM prescriptions at the same time, and the utilization rate of TCM reached 90%. By March 10, 2020, 564 patients in Jiangxia shelter hospital were closed, and none of them became severe or die.

Zhang Boli said that China needed to cultivate a team of high-level medical talents who can fight and win at present and what we can do is to practice “basic skills”. This is a very important link to improve the professional ability of medical students.


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