Why it is important to take care of ‘Women Health’ during Covid time- A Doctor’s perspective

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It’s been more than a year of lockdowns & restrictions, since the covid-19 wave hit our country on January 27, 2020. After the first case reported in General Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala (Indian Journal Medical Research 2020 May; 151(5): 490–492 ), we have been reeling under the effects of financial, psychological and physical trauma of Covid -19 pandemic.

Men, Women, Children; all have endured this to various levels. There have been countless incidents of sufferings and human loss; we probably will never recover from. But, as the saying goes “ The Show Must Go On”—We need to fight back; We need to show that we are able to fight back the greatest turmoil of modern human history.

When we talk of endurance, we know that Women of this country can show us the light at the end of tunnel. Whatever profession they may be in, there is always a dual front taking care of the outside and the inside world- The Work Life Balance.

If we want this balance to survive, we need a greater understanding, acknowledgement and appreciation of Women Contribution. Not only psychological support, we need to make them stronger.

“A Strong Body makes The Mind Strong- Thomas Jefferson”

Women need their usual doses of Calcium & Vitamin D along with a routine of exercises to maintain bone health. We frequently observe Osteoporosis in thin young women; some tend to develop Joint pain,  or early cartilage wear in the knee joint. Our tendency of excessive kneeling and squats put more pressure on the knee joints.

“The numbers of people with a potential need for hip or knee arthroplasty were 44.9 per 1000 among women and 20.8 per 1000 among men as per study published in New England Journal of Medicine (Apr 2000). This indicates women are almost at double risk of going for a joint replacement surgery. We can delay or avoid a significant percentage of patients from needing Knee replacement by preventive means. A simple remedy to delay Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis is regular walking for 30- 40 min daily, along with supplements prescribed by your doctor., “ points out Dr Anurag Awasthi, an Orthopedic & Joint specialist in Gurgaon.

Women are the pillars of strength & endurance; We see this every day in almost every age group of Women we meet- The mental trauma of Infertility; the delicate care of Pregnancy; and facing the hardships of Menopause. We see them putting family above their own health.

During Covid lockdowns, there was immense financial pressure on families; leading to mass movement from metros towards smaller towns & cities. Now we are witnessing a reverse movement. A recent news article showcasing Gurgaon as the most liveable cities during Covid, helped the millennial population come back to this city.

“In the year to come, we expect things to come to normal. We encourage all women to vaccinate against Covid & not only follow, but advocate Covid appropriate behaviour to all family members. We have also incorporated special program by encouraging & providing all services at Clinic or Home level for Pregnant Women & those in child bearing age group; to minimize exposure in a hospital setting” remarks says Dr Deepika Tiwari, a leading Obstetrician &Gynecologist in Gurgaon.

Kimaya Healthcare, a woman led initiative, focuses on health education, vaccination for girls & women, pregnancy care, women health issues. We make every effort to offer them a standard of care second to none; we plan to further our efforts by delivering healthcare services to their homes. It is aptly said that prevention is better than cure. We encourage women to visit their Doctor not just in times of sickness; but on a regular basis to prevent illness in future.


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