Vedical to Augment Ayurvedic Healthcare System with Threefold Increase in Prescription-based Sales


Vedical India Wellness is an integrated Ayurveda medicine company that specializes in developing Ayurvedic formulas and clinically testing them for reliable results. The company has combined industrial expertise with the demands of Ayurvedic practitioners to develop quality-first products and solutions for the fast-growing healthcare system. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience and decades of pharma experience, Vedical grows from an extensive medical background.

Vedical India Wellness – Ayurvedic Medicine Product Range

Within three years of product development, and just a year of sales operation in India, Vedical is working successfully in healthcare segments like Diabetes, Liver & Gynecology. The scientifically tested products developed by Vedical and its panel of Ayurvedic doctors have earned the trust of professionals and practitioners. Vedical has seen threefold increase in sales from doctor prescriptions which goes on to prove the potential for systematic and prescription Ayurvedic treatment in India.

The products range from INR 99 to INR 849 and includes prescription brands like SugCare™ (For Diabetes), Livosiddh™ (For treatment of Liver ailments), WCare™ (For Uterine and hormonal problems), Fevorem™ (For fever and infections), Vedicof™ (Throat relief and anti-allergy cough syrup), RestoMind™ (Improving brain health), Vedilax™ (For restoring digestive health) and a few classical products like Ayush Kwath (Dispersible immunity boosting tablets), single-herb tablets, etc.

With manufacturing based in Haridwar (and upcoming plant in Delhi early 2021), Vedical has several business verticals ranging from ethical marketing (prescription based sales), Institutional sales, Govt. supplies, exports, contract product development and OTC/eCommerce (limited products).

Scalability and Distribution plan for 2021.

Vedical and its panel of stakeholders believe that Ayurveda is more than a healthcare system – it’s a knowledge of lifestyle which has kept our nation healthy for over a millennium. To restore this system, companies, doctors, educational institutes and the Govt. must work hand-in-hand.

With this vision, Vedical’s team is working relentlessly to scale up its distribution and network of prescribing doctors pan-India, while having an exciting pipeline of product launches almost every month in 2021. With acceptability of products’ results by doctors, Vedical’s brands are being prescribed even in valuable institutions like All India Institute of Ayurveda (Delhi), CGHS Dispensaries and other public and private hospitals. The company is focused to increase prescriptions by beginning 2021 with the launch of its awaited Ayurvedic Calcium brand “Calpravit™” which will be one of the first standardized product in this segment.

Parth Thosani, Director of Vedical Wellness, “Everyone at Vedical is equally passionate about bringing back Ayurveda. The more we study this system, the more we are inspired by the meticulous knowledge Ayurveda possesses about the life. And we are committed to play our role in this opportunity. With Vedical, we are not just making products. We are evolving as a communicator of this ancient wisdom, through our quality-first research products and a network of doctors who use them for the benefit of mankind.”

Reference: COVID-19 has been an eye-opening experience for everybody, but most of all, for those who were taking their health for granted. The pandemic has forced us to rethink and pick healthier and sustainable food options to become better prepared when faced with a crisis like COVID-19. Moreover, Ayurveda, which focuses on curing illnesses by balancing and empowering body’s own mechanism, has become increasingly valuable over the last few months. Its focus on building inner immunity has lead to the development of Ayush Kwath – a strong formula that aids the bodily fire to fight the diseases. Vedical has seen a record four-fold growth in its immunity products including Ayush Kwath, Vedicof™ and certain classical products.

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