Sunrise Oncology Centre Introduces Comprehensive Cancer Care in Vasai, a First for Palghar District

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Sunrise Oncology Centre, a leading provider of comprehensive cancer care, is proud to announce the opening of its new facility in Vasai, marking the establishment of the first cancer registry in Palghar district. The new centre aims to provide holistic and internationally guided cancer treatments, including core systemic therapies like chemotherapy and immunotherapy, as well as essential supportive care services.

The new facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and systems, such as the laminar flow machine for maintaining sterile environments, a specialized oncology-focused patient management software to enhance treatment efficiency and patient comfort, etc.

Dr. Ashay Karpe, Director & Founder of Sunrise Oncology Centre, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, “Our mission has always been to offer comprehensive cancer care that encompasses not just the clinical treatment of cancer but also the overall well-being of our patients. With the inauguration of our Vasai Centre, we are bringing advanced cancer care closer to the community here, fulfilling a critical need in the region.”

Dr. Sudeep Gupta, Director of Tata Memorial Centre, highlighted the collaborative effort and the expertise behind the new centre, “Experts trained at Tata Hospital and other apex institutions are a testament to the high standard of care we aim to provide at the Sunrise Oncology Centre. This initiative is a significant step forward in bridging the gaps in cancer care delivery, emphasizing value-based and patient-centric approaches.”

The Vasai Centre is committed to being more than just a treatment facility. It will offer comprehensive care, including psychological counselling, nutrition advice, physiotherapy, genetic counselling and pain management, addressing all aspects of cancer care under one roof.

The establishment of the centre is a leap towards revolutionizing cancer care delivery in the region, with a focus on accessibility to innovative treatments and enhancing the patient and caregiver experience. The goal is not only to treat but to educate and support the community, ensuring that patients and their families receive the most compassionate care possible.


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