Solabia-Algatech Nutrition Launches Whole-Algae Sourced β-glucan

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Solabia- Algatech Nutrition, is launching 100% natural whole Euglena gracilis algae BioGlena™ for immune support. This unprocessed source of high-in-demand β-glucan is suitable for daily use for the whole family.

BioGlenais produced using proprietary fermentation technology that ensures a high

β-glucan content (>55%) in addition to complete protein plus essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This next-generation source of β-glucan is 100% natural and cleanly processed without solvents or additives.

β-glucan polysaccharides are touted as nature’s immune-modulator, helping to prime the immune cells and support natural immunity. E. gracilis’ naturally occurring content of a β-1,3-glucan (called “paramylon”) is specifically recognized by immune-cell receptors. Preclinical and clinical studies support the positive impact of this microalgae and it’s β-glucan on multiple aspects of immunity.

The β-glucancontent of E. gracilis is variable and largely dependent on growth condition and medium composition. However, Solabia-Algatech Nutrition managed to develop a multi-patented process for growing the E. gracilis that achieves a consistent concentration of over 55% β-glucans in the final product.

According to new data from Innova Market insights, the Covid-19 pandemic spurred increased concern over immune health globally, especially among Millennials and young Generation-X.  Supporting immune health is the leading claim in global supplements new product development (NPD), constituting 30% of dietary supplement launches in 2020.  It also is the second-most important health claim in food and beverage NPD, after energy/stamina. Within the immune health space, natural botanicals such as elderberry and beta glucan rich mushrooms are current on-trend choices.

“β-glucans, are naturally occurring polysaccharides known for their positive effect on the immune system, with more than 12,000 scientific papers published in the past few decades,” notes Doron Safrai, CEO of Solabia-Algatech Nutrition. “While grains, yeast, and certain fungi are traditional sources of β-glucans, researchers and formulators are increasingly recognizing E. gracilis as a significant high-value source.”

In E. gracilis the β-glucan molecules are concentrated inside free-floating granules inside the algae, as opposed to fungi and yeast sources, in which the powerful polysaccharides are bound to the cell wall,” adds Omer Grundman, PhD, VP R&D for Solabia-Algatech Nutrition. “This eliminates the need for harsh extraction procedures to isolate the

 β-glucans. BioGlena contains the whole algae and no cell wall, allowing the β-glucans to be naturally released in the gastrointestinal tract during digestion. This is a major advantage of E. gracilis over other β-glucan sources, opening the door for BioGlena to become a leading immune-support ingredient.”

“With immunity now a major global health concern, there is a rapidly expanding commercial interest in this unique alga species,” continues Safrai. “With more than 20 years of expertise in algae cultivation, Solabia-Algatech’s scientists are constantly exploring new algae and algae-derived ingredients to add to the company’s portfolio. Having recognized the need for an ingredient that can effectively serve this health category, BioGlena was developed as a unique, science-backed β-glucan rich source.”

BioGlena is produced in a technologically advanced facility. It is recognized as GRAS, boasts a three-year shelf life, and comes in a powder form. Being suitable for dispersible formulations, it can easily be applied to multiple food and dietary supplement applications, including capsules, tablets, soft gels, gummies, sachets as well as dairy food, beverages and nutrition bars. BioGlena is non-GMO and has kosher and halal certifications.


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