Simran Sound Centre Sets New Benchmark in Hearing Care in Ludhiana

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In a landmark move for hearing care in India, Widex India has launched its most advanced facility yet, the Simran Sound Centre, in Ludhiana, Punjab. This inauguration marks a significant milestone, not just for the city but for the entire Asian region in the pursuit of superior auditory health services.

The World Health Organization’s statistics paint a concerning picture, with approximately 63 million people in India grappling with significant auditory impairment. This figure mirrors a wider issue prevalent across Asia, highlighting an urgent need for enhanced hearing care infrastructure and services.

The Simran Sound Centre, inaugurated by WS Audiology India’s CEO Mr. Avinash Pawar and graced by the presence of celebrated Indian playback singer and Widex Sound Ambassador, Padma Shri Ms. Anuradha Paudwal, stands as a testament to this need. The Centre, spearheaded by Mrs. Simran Kaur and Mr. Navdeep Kanwer, aims to bridge the gap in quality auditory care with its state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive care approach.

Widex India’s commitment to addressing the challenges of hearing loss in the populous Asian region is evident in its strategic placement of the Simran Sound Centre. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like PureSound™ and advanced AI integration, offering a uniquely personalized listening experience. This not only empowers those with hearing impairments but also brings a renewed sense of confidence in their daily interactions.

Ms. Paudwal, reflecting on the importance of sound in our lives, especially in music, emphasized the Centre’s role in enabling people to experience sound in the most natural way possible. Her involvement underlines the cultural significance of hearing care, a critical aspect in a region where music and social interaction form the core of community life.

The Centre also prides itself on being one of the largest clinics of audiology and speech in North India, having pioneered the cochlear implant program in Punjab. This initiative is part of a larger vision to provide comprehensive solutions for over 100,000 patients, including a significant newborn hearing screening program.

By offering these advanced services, the Simran Sound Centre is not just addressing a medical need but is also fostering a more inclusive society where hearing impairments are no longer barriers to a full and vibrant life. It stands as a beacon of hope and progress in the Asian healthcare landscape, setting new benchmarks in auditory care and quality of life enhancements.


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