Second National Health Check-up Day by Healthians Sees Record Volume of Pledges for Preventive Health Tests

  • The day sees 150% year on year rise in preventive health tests

6th of December was celebrated as National Health Check-up Day across India to encourage people to be proactive about their health and make preventive tests a habit. National Health Check-Up Day was instituted by Healthians last year to inspire people to dedicate one day in their busy lives for taking care of their health and implementing necessary lifestyle changes to live a healthier life.

For the day, Healthians offered at-home testing for people who enrolled for a pledge. The message of the National Health Check-Up day is centred around the famous adage prevention is better than cure.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, this year, all the health tests were carried out at homes of the users. Healthians encouraged people to pledge for a health test on 6th December 2020 and motivate others to do the same. Many individuals and families joined the movement through their pledge videos. Just like the previous year, the day received a tremendous response on social media and saw 150% increase in pledges in comparison to the previous year due to increased awareness about health in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

“We at Healthians, being a healthcare brand noticed that millennials, both men and women in the age group of 29-40 years are so busy in their lives that they are trading their health away in pursuit of career and prosperity. We aim to change this mindset and make people proactive about their health,” said Deepak Sahni, CEO and Founder of Healthians.

“The idea for a day like this emerged when we observed that theres a day for everything but nothing to remind you of regular health checkups. Thus we decided to celebrate the first Sunday of every December as the National Health Check-Up Day,” he further added.

The importance of preventive health tests and the necessity for a dedicated day to spread awareness about preventive health measures is further brought to the limelight by the fact that the COVID-19 crisis has pushed public health to the backseat. Due to lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, people have been forced to postpone elective health interventions like surgeries, consultations, health tests and other diagnostic proceedings. The implication of delayed procedures reduced attention towards preventive care and chronic care and decreased adherence to medications may have a negative long-term impact on peoples health.

Healthians, a doorstep health test provider established in 2015, is leading from the front in this war against the pandemic. The Company has continued delivering diagnostic services and health tests to the doorstep of people residing in more than 51 cities across the country even during this widespread pandemic. It has also taken up various initiatives for the betterment of public health. Healthians organized the first edition of National Health Checkup Day in partnership with the Times of India with the motive of educating the public about preventive healthcare and bringing forth a change in society. Healthians had organised more than 12 health checkup camps across seven cities – Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune and Thane that saw participation by large swathes of people across all age groups.

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