Samarpit Kanwatia, founder of Sarv Mangal Ho launches exclusive multipurpose mask

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The toll on everyone’s life Covid-19 has given is unavoidable, the pandemic has made the situation worrisome for everyone around the world. This contagious disease is not ready to vanish so easily from our lives. Many people who have Covid-19 do not show symptoms but still can be carriers of this dreaded virus and can spread the same through coughing and sneezing. This is why everyone have been instructed by their respective government authorities to wear face mask as a measure of precaution. Wearing a face mask is very vital but wearing the right mask is most important. Keeping this in mind Samarpit Kanwatia, founder of Sarv Mangal ho has come up with a beautiful and multipurpose mask.

Multipurpose usage of this mask is that it protects you from absorbing the virus in close quarters from the corona carriers, plus it can be used by people to wear the same and do their jaaps. Talking on his initiative Samarpit Kanwatia said, “I approached popular couple Rajat Rungta and Harshi Agarwal from Jaipur who are into childrens’ soft furnishings and run their company under their popular brand Kaarrii to design a mask for us. They have done a wonderful job, I am very happy with the result. Our mask is available in black color,a trademark of sorts in its own way. We have designed two types of the mask, one that has our smart trademarked Ganesha logo and the other mask has our company initials of SMH in it. The material used is a Canadian export quality cotton polyester mix to give a good gloss and shine to the mask. The size of the mask is universal keeping in mind the “one size fits all” concept.”

Perhaps one of the most striking lifestyle changes covid-19 has instilled on us is the compulsory use of mask at a public places. Where experts have not confirmed or validated anywhere that masks are a full proof solution to eradicating this dreaded virus completely , they have confirmed that wearing a  mask has lowered covid-19 cases which make  mandatory for all of us to wear or else you have to pay fine in our country as per the directives of our state and central government and rightfully so.

With the ongoing fear of pandemic that oscilates to a dwindling future of “state of total recovery” Samarpit wants to give his company-produced mask to his clients more as a gift and a souvenir, which people when wear feel nice and elated . He says, “My clients and all who wear these Mask should be safe during these trying times and we as well-wishers want to contribute the same to society, in our way. It’s a free give away from us to our clients. And I would like to tell everyone to take care of their loved ones and stay safe. I urge people to listen and follow the directives of our government and not step outside without wearing a mask as it not only protects you but also others from dreadful covid- 19. Let all of us collectively build a healthy society”

Samarpit Kanwatia is a Mumbai-based renowned Celebrity astrologer, is primarily a multi-faceted businessman. He has been practicing astrology for more than 20 years and has numerous clients, pan India, and in different parts of the world. He believes astrology is a Vedic science that needs to be studied well and then applied efficiently. He founded Sarv Mangal Ho which is a one-stop solution for astrology, numerology, and Vastu, around two decades ago.


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