Sakra World Hospital Takes a Leap Forward with the Launch of State-of-the-Art Artificial Ligament Technology

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Sakra World Hospital is well-known for its advanced technology and patient-focused care. They are dedicated to innovation and regularly introduce new medical procedures and the latest advancements in healthcare. India witnessed its first-ever case of a synthetic tissue graft for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) during knee replacement surgery, marking the launch of the “Artificial Ligament.” Experts from Sakra World Hospital, including Dr. Chandrashekhar P. (Director of Orthopaedics)Dr. Banarji B.H (Senior Consultant in Orthopedics), and Mr. Naoya Matsumi, Deputy Managing Director, were joined by international luminary Dr. Klaudiusz Kosowski, the Medical Director, and Chairman of the Lead Clinical Department of Orthopedics at MedPolonia Private Hospital, Poznan, Poland and former Indian Cricketer Mr. Venkatesh Prasad.

The use of synthetic tissue grafts in ACL reconstruction offers several advantages, especially for patients with inadequate natural graft quality. This state-of-the-art technique holds the potential to deliver improved outcomes and expedited recovery for individuals dealing with ACL injuries.

Dr. Klaudiusz Kosowski, the Medical Director, and Chairman of the Lead Clinical Department of Orthopedics at MedPolonia Private Hospital, Poznan, Poland explained, “Using synthetic grafts in ACL reconstruction provides consistent strength, saves surgery time by avoiding graft harvesting, reduces complications, speeds recovery for sports return in 12 weeks, and poses no disease transmission risk. Ideal for complex cases like multi-ligament injuries and revisions.”

Mr. Venkatesh Prasad, the former Indian Cricketer expressed his happiness at being part of the event and shared, “This new advancement in orthopedic reconstruction will aid athletes by restoring knee stability with a safe return to competitive sports after injury.”

Dr. Chandrashekhar P., Director of Orthopaedics (MS, FIJS in Germany, USA, Belgium, and South Korea), stated, “Synthetic grafts, unlike autografts, eliminate the need for harvesting patient tissue, reducing donor site discomfort and complications. In professional sports, where injuries are critical, synthetic grafts shine, especially in complex cases like multi-ligament injuries or revisions. Their consistent and excellent results provide predictability, ensuring optimal patient recovery.”

Mr. Naoya Matsumi, Deputy Managing Director of Sakra World Hospital, said, “Sakra World Hospital’s successful use of synthetic tissue grafts in ACL reconstruction is a notable advancement in Indian healthcare. It holds great promise for individuals with compromised graft quality, potentially enhancing their outcomes.”


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