Roche Diabetes Care launches ACCU-FINE® Pen Needles for virtually painless insulin delivery

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    Roche Diabetes Care (RDC) India, launched ACCU-FINE® quality pen needles. This innovation aims to deliver insulin smoother and easier thereby leading to better treatment for patients with diabetes. The ACCU-FINE® needles are available in packs of 100 with three variants including a 33G 4mm variant, which has been introduced in India.

     The ACCU-FINE® Pen needles are specially designed with three key features to make them gentle in use. Firstly, the needle has a special cut at the tip to ensure gentle insertion. Secondly, the needle has a thin wall to enable rapid insulin flow and thirdly, the needle is built with a special coating that allows it to be inserted into the skin easily. The needles have a sealed sterile protective cap and an additional protective cap for double protection.

    Diabetes can lead to kidney failure, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs and even increase the risk of a heart attack. Insulin helps the body use the carbohydrates in food for energy. Patients with Type 2 diabetes, their pancreas stop producing sufficient insulin that is required for the body to control blood sugar level.  Therefore, the patient must be treated with enough insulin. The ACCU-FINE® pen needles are already available for purchase in pharmacies across the Indian market.

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