Revolutionizing Healthcare: Narayana Health Sets World Record in Treating Brain Aneurysm

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In an era where medical innovation is paramount, Narayana Health has set a world record by performing the fastest deployment of a specific flow diverter stent for treating brain aneurysm. The procedure was completed in a breathtaking two and a half minutes, displaying an exemplary commitment to saving lives through innovation.

Dr. Vikram Huded, a Senior Neuro-interventionist from NH Institute of Neuroscience, spearheaded the operation on a 47-year-old patient suffering from multiple intracranial aneurysms. The complexity increased when one of the aneurysms burst, causing internal bleeding within the brain. The usual duration for such procedures is approximately an hour, but Dr. Huded and his team managed to complete it in record time. This phenomenal achievement occurred during NICE, an International conference where 35 centers from across the globe were presenting their cases.

The flow diverter stenting technique involves placing a stent across the origin of the aneurysm, diverting blood flow and allowing the aneurysm to shrink over time. Dr. Huded elaborated on the innovation, mentioning that this was the first time this advanced type of flow-diverter device had been used in India. The device’s manufacturer has confirmed this as the fastest recorded deployment globally.

With brain aneurysms posing a significant threat due to their often-unnoticed development, such medical advancements are vital. The swiftness and efficiency of Narayana Health’s treatment process are a beacon of hope for patients with critical conditions like brain aneurysms.


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