“People have showered their love and blessing to Sarv Mangal Ho” says the owner Samarpit Kanwatia, renowned Mumbai based celebrity astrologer.

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Samarpit Kanwatia, a Mumbai based renowned Celebrity astrologer, is primarily a multi-faceted businessman. He has been practicing astrology for more than 20 years and has numerous clients, pan India, and in different parts of the world. He believes astrology is a Vedic science that needs to be studied well and then applied efficiently.

People want instant change in their life and are looking for a miracle which will help them to transform. Samarpit says, “Astrologers are not god and they cannot change your destiny, they can only decipher your kundli ,correctly for you. A good astrologer  can maximise your good and minimise your bad . Take their say as guidelines only. There are no miracles and Karma has no substitute. Follow this beautiful Vedic science as this opens a life map for what you can do and achieve.”

He founded Sarv Mangal Ho which is a one-stop solution for astrology, numerology, and vastu, around two decades ago, which turned out to be a huge success. He said, “The reason why I started Sarv Mangal Ho is to provide a one-stop astrological solution to people. There are very less number of reliable astrologers and numerologists, and I want to serve humanity by giving as much as possible. I am of the thought that if I have caliber and potential to help, support, and guide people in the right direction then I will work toward enhancing that side of mine. And I feel fortunate that people have showered their love on us and Sarv Mangal Ho is doing its bit successfully for more than two-decade.”

With the vision to help nourish and contribute to making a better society, Samarpit is working rigorously giving great results to one and all. He works with big names and popular personalities from various professions, no wonder his clientele includes a huge list of successful Media personalities, Business houses, Corporates, Lawyers, Doctors, Royals.

Howsoever one quality of his that is truly remarkable and that speaks volume about his character is that he believes in utmost secrecy and does not disclose his clientele or piggy ride on their famous surnames to grow his own business and that is what his clients admire the most about him. In this tough time of pandemic, he is attending multiple webinars and live sessions and guiding people to stay strong. He assures people and says, “People have to be patient, refrain yourself from taking any drastic decision. This shall pass too. This is a time when people need support from each other and be there selflessly for anyone who needs help. You never know what someone is going through so be kind and compassionate to everyone.”


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