Peggy Lillis Foundation Launches New PSA, Raises Money For C. diff Awareness Month

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The Peggy Lillis Foundation (PLF) has kicked off C. diff Awareness Month with a successful gala fundraiser, the launch of a new PSA, a continued goal of having C. diff designated as a Nationally Notifiable Disease, its third annual “See C. diff” campaign, and more. PLF will also be hosting a press conference Thursday November 11th at 1pm EST to discuss the amount raised, what it will fund, air the PSA, and have discussions with Board Member Dr. Bruce Hirsh MD, Survivor and Advocate Christina Fuhrman, as well as Executive Director of PLF Christian John Lillis. Interested parties can join the press conference via zoom here.

Dr. Bruce Hirsch, has been serving the community of the New York metropolitan area as a physician for over 30 years. Bruce received his MD from Cornell University and trained in geriatrics and infectious disease at North Shore University Hospital, Cornell and Albert Einstein. Currently, he is attending physician and assistant professor in the Infectious Disease Division of Northwell Health. Bruce worked through the HIV crisis from its earliest manifestations in New York and has maintained a strong interest in HIV. More recently, he has pioneered microbiome medicine for the treatment of gut infections at the NSLIJ. He has a long-standing interest in innovative therapeutics, having chaired the NSLIJ Committee on Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and holds a patent for an infection control device. In 2014, Bruce received PLF’s Innovator Award for his development of a fecal transplant capsule. 

Christina Fuhrman, a stay-at-home mom who lives in Columbia, MO with her husband Dane, son Oren (5), and daughter Pearl (7). She and Pearl are both C. diff survivors. Christina offers local support to those battling C. diff and created a website,, for information on C. diff and FMT treatment. Pearl’s C. diff story was featured in Parents magazine in February 2018. In addition to her work with PLF, Christina is a member of Pew Charitable Trust’s Stand Up to Superbugs program.

November is C. diff Awareness Month where numerous organizations and foundations come together to raise awareness of the impact of Clostridioides difficile, a global infection that causes nearly 500,000 infections annually, and 29,000 deaths. The Gram-positive, spore-forming bacterium or germ can be found throughout the environment in soil, air, water, human and animal feces, and contaminated food products. 


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