Men take the lead: 60% of health check-ups on MediBuddy in the last 6 months were taken by men

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Bengaluru leads the list of metros for maximum consultation inquiries by womenGynaecologists, dermatologists, pregnancy specialists, orthopaedic experts, and general physicians were the most sought-after healthcare professionals by womenNational, March 6, 2023: MediBuddy, India’s largest Digital Healthcare Platform, released data indicating that men have taken more health check-ups than women in […]

Sanofi reaffirms commitment to rare diseases in India

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Sanofi Speciality Care has reiterated its commitment to addressing rare diseases in India, marking Rare Disease Day by announcing continued efforts to empower patients with transformative healthcare options. The global movement for rare diseases seeks to achieve equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and treatments for those […]

Health services platform launched by DrAtHome allows remote tracking of patient health by doctors real-time

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DrAtHome, a health-tech startup based in Noida, launched an innovative health services platform that enables patients to receive high-quality clinical consultations with live body vitals from the comfort of their homes. The platform connects patients to medical professionals and facilities while live-streaming real-time data, providing a seamless experience that prioritizes […]

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