OZiva Launches Plant-Based Vitamins and Minerals That Focuses on Building Immunity and Providing Holistic Nutrition

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  OZiva, India’s leading certified clean and plant-based nutrition, and wellness brand recently announced the launch of its newest range of plant-based vitamins and minerals. Aimed at providing better immunity, gut health, and nutrition, these products provide a revolutionary blend of 100% plant-derived ingredients that are better absorbed by the body compared to regular vitamins & minerals as they are available in a more bioavailable form. The range includes Bettr.C+ Bettr.D3K2+, Bettr.Zinc+, Bettr.Iron+, and Bettr. CalD3+. The nutritional superbrand is slated to launch more products in the same category.
Commenting on the category launch, Ms. Aarti Gill, Co-Founder of OZiva, said, “One of the most important factors to consider while consuming vitamins and minerals is the absorption of these micronutrients in the body. Our newly launched ‘Bettr’ Range provides Vitamins & minerals that are plant-derived along with phytonutrients & cofactors that leads to better absorption. We did a pilot a few weeks back for our closed group of customers and have gotten great feedback from them on this new range.”

Talking about the science behind the range, Mihir Gadani, Co-Founder at OZiva said, “R&D has been an integral part of our product innovations and launches. The idea behind the launch of OZiva ‘Bettr’ Range is to provide plant-based vitamins and minerals in the most natural and purest form that is easily recognized by the body, just like the vitamins and minerals we receive from natural foods. The range is backed by multiple studies around particle size, the structure of the molecules & the bioavailability of plant-derived micronutrients. For e.g.: Particle size is an important factor in nutrient absorption. The particle size of molecules that are present in plant-derived vitamins and Minerals is smaller than the Synthetic analogs present in Regular Vitamins hence leading to better absorption & bioavailability.”
Product Details:

OZiva Plant Based Bettr.D3K2+

OZiva Plant Based Bettr.D3K2+ helps strengthen the immune system, supports healthy bones, and enhances mood. 

  • Fortified with 400 IU Vitamin D3 and 55 mcg Vitamin K2 MK-7, it prevents calcium deposition in arteries and blood vessels.
  • It helps in improved bone health by activating special proteins. 
  • Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and Curcumin, helps in building the immune system and supports anti-inflammation. 
  • Hypericum Perforatum helps in increasing focus and memory while Rosemary Extract and Ginkgo Biloba are critical in enhancing learning capacity.

OZiva Plant-based Bettr.C+

  • Made with 100% natural and standardized plant extracts of Vitamin C and Zinc, it enhances physical immunity and skin radiance It extends 40 mg of plant-based Vitamin C derived from RAAZen-C (a standardized plant extract for Vitamin C) and 6.5 mg plant-based Zinc derived from GZen-Zinc (a standardized plant extract for Zinc).
  • Antioxidant rich formula with bioflavonoids that helps boost immunity, fight pathogens and helps soothe the skin.
  • It also increases skin glow and radiance with a plant-based blend of RAAZen-C.

Other products in the range include OZiva Plant Based Bettr.Zinc+, OZiva Plant Based Bettr.CalD3+ and OZiva Plant Based Bettr.Iron+.
Prices starting from: Rs 599

To know more about OZiva, visit: https://www.oziva.in 

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