Narayana Health’s SRCC Children’s Hospital in collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society launches the After Completion of Therapy (ACT) Clinic

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With the sole mission of empowering young cancer survivors, SRCC Children’s Hospital-Managed by Narayana Health, Mumbai, in collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society, has set up an After Completion of Therapy (ACT) clinic. The objective is to facilitate the cancer survivors through apt assessment of their present condition and guidance to chart out the future course for the best possible outcomes in the context of the physical, and psycho-social effects that may have arisen from their cancer treatment.

A paediatric cancer patient is considered a survivor two years after the completion of the treatment of cancer if the disease does not relapse. During initial two years, the patient remains under care at regular intervals for relapse surveillance. However, even after this, though the risk of relapse decreases significantly and the disease surveillance takes back seat, they need to be under care so that the late effects of cancer treatment can be identified and treated in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that they can become well-adapted contributing members of the society. At ACT Clinic the team helps in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of the long-term effects of the treatment of cancer. 

Sharing insights about the ACT Clinic at NHSRCC and the road ahead, Dr. Purna Kurkure, Head Division of Paediatric Oncology & BMT NHSRCC Children’s Hospital said, “The ACT Clinic at NHSRCC Hospital widens the network for survivors across to create a platform for childhood cancer survivors for the necessary societal impact. Apart from helping survivors and creating public awareness that Childhood cancers are highly curable if diagnosed & treated appropriately, the ACT Clinic helps make inroads into the curriculum of Oncology and Psycho-Oncology training. In the long run, these will provide a springboard for research in cancer survivorship in India.”

Marking the occasion, Dr. Vijay Singh, Regional Director Karnataka cluster and West India at Narayana Health, said “we at NH sincerely thank the Indian Cancer Society for associating with us in launching the ACT clinic at NHSRCC. I salute the spirit of winning over cancer and truly believe, this initiative will help the complete rehabilitation of the cancer survivors & empower them to be VICTORS.”



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