Many People are Considering Immunity as Biggest Wealth

  • By Dr. Upali Nanda, Head – Preventive Health & Consultant – Medicine, Medeor Hospital

Health can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Unfortunately, our busy schedule has no time to take care of our health resulting the development of Lifestyle disease like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Genetically Indians are more prone towards diabetes and heart disease.

Medeor Hospital – Preventive Health

It is very important to take care of our immune system as it protect us from illness and infections round the clock. Like fingerprints, immune system varies from person to person and it helps to protect from foreign and harmful substances such as bacteria, virus, toxins, cancer cells etc. The COVID-19 pandemic has also opened our eyes emphasizing the need of good immunity to protect ourselves from deadly disease.

There are many healthy ways to strengthen your immune bank such as balanced diet, regular exercise, maintain healthy weight, de-stressed yourself, stay hydrated, personal hygiene habits and adequate sleep. Sleep is a vital component of our life and is natural immune booster which produces T cells, a type of white blood cell which play an important role in developing immunity against invasive organisms. Beside the immunity, sufficient sleep on daily basis is essential for mental and emotional health as well.

Infections such as flu virus and measles can weaken the immunity for short period and it can also be weakened by poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol. It has been observed that the younger working population are being increasingly prone to lifestyle diseases. Furthermore, people who are diabetic or suffering from other comorbidities may find deficiency in their immunity level and may need extra care. Therefore, it is important to take care of your vital organs along with adequate nutrition as they are very essential for good immunity and organ function. Preventive health checks at regular interval are recommended to keep a track of your health. It helps in identifying, if any of your nutrients values such as vitamins and lipid are at borderline or can detect the life-threatening health issues at early stage.

In order to protect themselves from the disease, many people are have started considering their health issues seriously with a focus on building immunity and undergoing regular health checkup.

Keeping this in mind, a team of medical experts at Medeor Hospital have specially designed immuno health check package comprises of tests for important systems such as heart, liver, kidney, thyroid and to evaluate immune system by checking other important parameters such as vitamin D, vitamin B12 etc. This package also contains Doctor’s consultation, advise on nutritional diet and lifestyle management along with a next level analysis of reports by experts.

In this festival times, the best gift one can ever give to someone whom he really care is preventive health checks. So, experience the joy of giving gift of Good Health to your loved ones and enter in the new year with a confidence.

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