Malabar Ayurveda Relaunch ‘Jeevamrutham’ Hair Fall Management by Health Care


Kerala based Malabar Ayurveda has relaunched its formulated Rasayana “Jeevamrutham” manufactured with the comprehensive time tested formulation with natural ingredients, which helps to improve general immunity, to regrow healthy hair, in preventing hair fall and support hair growth. Malabar Ayurveda has a marketing office in Bangalore. Jeevamrutham – manufactured with unique and powerful combination of ingredients from the extensive repertoire of Ayurveda highlight its effectiveness.


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Vijay Kumar, MD, Malabar Ayurveda says that, “Inspired by the gift of Ayurveda knowledge, we created this company not just to be about products, but also knowledge sharing and hope. With the goodness of this discipline, we brought our “Jeevamrutham” which is free of preservatives and artificial flavours. It is all about rejuvenation of body cells, reinforcement of body immunity, proper release of enzymes and hormones. Like any other part of body, hair also needs a variety of nutrients, micro nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair growth. Lack of these leads to hair fall, rough hair, and unhealthy texture and colours.” He further added, “To replenish this deficiency, you need an internal usage medicine rich with these ingredients. Malabar Ayurveda s “Jeevamrutham” is brought in association with the eminent Arya vaidyas, Ashta Vaidyas and the traditional knowledge of Kerala Ayurvedic System.

Lifestyle, healthy food habit and usage of right hair oils with treatment of scalp ailments can ensure healthy hair. Jeevamrutham can be commenced by taking one table spoon (about 20gm) at bed time or early morning on empty stomach, followed by warm milk or water. For better result a Virechanam (toxic waste elimination by using medicated laxatives) is advisable in consultation with doctor. Application of oil on head minimum half an hour before bath is recommended. Advisable oil is “Maa Keshini” which is rich in virgin coconut oil and rich with preventive, promotive and curative herbs, or any other oil preparation containing Bringaraja (Eclipta alba), Vibheetaki (Terminalia belirica) and Neelini (Indigofera tinctorea). It’s advised not use hot water for head bath. Never comb hair in wet condition and not to use detergent based shampoos. It’s advisable to use natural shampoos like hibiscus leaves, shikakai to clean the hair. This helps to arrest the hair fall, and helps to promote hair growth, and general immunity and to purify Rakthadathu and blood circulation. You will start experiencing the results within 10 days. If it’s continued for 3 to 6 months, it will help to arrest the hair fall and helps in the regrowth of hair for men & women. For any clarification, doctors can be consulted.

About Malabar Ayurveda

Malabar Ayurveda Ashram (MAA) was started in the year 2001 with loan License support and guidance from Ashtavaidyan Thrissur Thaikot Moos SNS Oushadhasala Pvt. Ltd., and Trinity Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd., Thrissur. Later Maa started its own manufacturing division with the continued support of both the parties. Maa is registered as an Industry with industries department at Kasaragod Dist. Of Kerala. MAA is now endorsed with Drugs and cosmetics Act 1960 for its range of 600 products including Classical and proprietary medicines. The factory too has been endorsed with good manufacturing practices certification (GMP) for adopting highest degree of commitment in selecting genuine medicinal plants/raw drugs for preparation of medicines in complete hygienic environment and within house testing facilities.

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