Level up the fight against COVID-19 with Livpure’s newly launched smart products

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The unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we lead our daily lives. Sanitizing our hands repeatedly, disinfecting groceries and packages before use, etc, have become common activities. In fact, the general focus on hygiene has increased manifold since March 2020.

Against this backdrop, Livpure, a leading manufacturer of water purifiers, air conditioners, and innovative sleep and wellness solutions, has launched a range of technologically-advanced products that will aid customers in the fight against COVID-19. From sanitizing your hands to your food packages, your fruits and veggies, to even baby feeding products, the brand has got you covered.

Speaking on the new products, Mr. Pritesh Talwar, CEO of Livpure said, “The battle against COVID-19 is still underway and we must not let down our guards any time soon. Considering this fact, we have launched this range of intuitive devices which will contribute to your efforts to stay safe. Making daily disinfection simpler, we are ensuring the good health and happiness of our prized consumers.”

Here’s a look at the newly launched products:

  • UV Sterilizer: Livpure’s UV Sterilizer is equipped with a UV Disinfection System which provides up to 99.99% disinfection while also removing bacteria, viruses, pesticides and other pathogens quickly and without the usage of any chemicals. Users can disinfect mobiles, wallet, currency notes and coins, key, packages and food packages to make them safe to touch before you open them!

Priced at – INR 5,022

  • Organic Cleaner: Wash your baby feeding products, seafood, dishware, vegetables, fruits, meat and other consumables thoroughly with Livpure Organic Cleaner made with Advanced Electrolysis Technology that gives up to 99.99% sterilization. The technology removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and other pathogens organically, without the usage of any chemicals. With a large cleaning tank of 10 litres, you can clean several products at once with just 1 click.

Priced at – INR 8,999

  • Puremist Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: A touchless dispenser with an in-built sensor, this product sprays sanitizer electronically to avoid cross-infection. The most hygienic way of sanitizing, the dispenser offers touchless operation and comes with a large 5L capacity. Get 3ml of sanitizer with every spray without any contact or risk.

Priced at – INR 4,751


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