Kamats Restaurants Pledges to Improve Hygiene Standards for Travelers with Clean Washrooms

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As a prominent highway restaurant brand in India, Kamats Restaurants has made it a priority to provide hygienic washrooms for travelers. Dr. Vikram Kamat, the founder of The Vitskamats Group, has emphasized the importance of clean washrooms, especially for women and children who face difficulties in finding clean facilities along the highways.

Kamats Restaurants has made it a mission to become a reliable pit-stop, offering not only delicious, fresh food but also clean washrooms and changing rooms. This initiative is aimed at improving hygiene standards for travelers and promoting local businesses. By providing a comfortable and clean environment, Kamats Restaurants aims to set the standard for Indian highway restaurants.

According to Dr. Vikram Kamat, Kamats Restaurants has always served fresh and hygienic food, but the focus on clean washrooms is equally important. The initiative to provide clean washrooms and changing rooms has been well-received by travelers, and it is expected to boost business and contribute towards the country’s mission for promoting good hygiene.


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