Inventia calls on Baker Dillon Group to introduce Nutriventia brand in the U.S.A.

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India-based Inventia Healthcare Limited, a three-decade young pharmaceutical company built on the ethos of developing products with novel drug delivery platforms, has launched its new brand, Nutriventia, providing innovative nutraceutical ingredient solutions through extensive technical expertise and scientific research to enable industry brands to bring various finished formulations and claims to the market. 

Inventia called on U.S.A.-based Baker Dillon Group, a foremost nutraceutical industry marketing communications and public relations firm to develop its brand marketing promotion strategies in the North American nutraceutical marketplace.

We provided Baker Dillon Group with an overview of our company which allowed them to build a strategic launch proposal for our nutraceutical brand and tell our story,” said Arun Narayanan, Inventia assistant general manager of nutraceutical business development.

“Their plan allowed us to educate our target audiences with insight about the benefits, and applications of new technologies which Inventia has developed for the nutraceutical space and how we have transitioned into it from the pharmaceutical manufacturing,” added Narayanan.  

The strategy Baker Dillon Group presented met our objectives and provided robust brand visibility and awareness along with lead generation,” added Anand Godbole, Inventia marketing and strategy assistant vice president.Their hard work and industry connections were evident right from the start and our brand got the launch pad it needed. They have continuously created new opportunities in the digital and print media for us to showcase our product brands and company ideology. It has been a fantastic campaign which focused on brand promotion within our budget and with incredibly high standard.”

Inventia supplies ingredients to 28 countries. Its pharmaceutical plant has been U.S.-FDA approved for over 10 years, along with being approved by all major global regulatory bodies. Strong technical expertise and marketing knowledge has been the key drivers of its strong growth. 

“We realized that our technology platforms are well-suited for many applications beyond pharmaceuticals, namely in the nutraceutical and food ingredient categories,” Godbole commented. “Our analysis of the nutraceutical market further confirmed our belief, which led to our focused activity during the past three years to develop nutraceutical and food ingredients.”

The Nutriventia technology platforms allow the company to rationalize dosages, thereby making the active more effective with sound scientific backing. This approach enables Nutriventia to contribute in a small way to alleviate the burden on the already limited active natural supply. Inventia honestly believes in the adage that less is more, albeit when supplemented by their unique technology platforms. 

The company’s branded ingredients offer solutions based on science and technology. From market experience and working with their customers, they identify critical challenges in currently available products, then utilize their novel delivery platforms to address formulation issues and develop scientific substantiation to offer unique claims to their customers.

“We have a clear focus on enhancing benefits for the end consumer,” said Godbole. Like converting a product that needs to be administered 2-3 times a day to a single dose, improving taste, and creating a specific delivery system. We also achieve this by avoiding harsh excipients with a focus on using clean, diet-based excipients as much as possible,” Godbole added.  

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to add another global company to our client roster,” said Sheldon Baker, chief executive officer for Baker Dillon Group and recent recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry ( “Our brand marketing strategies, has allowed us to showcase numerous companies and brands, including work for manufacturers from six different countries who have or are marketing their products in the U.S.A. nutraceutical arena.”


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