Indian Women Share Their Menstrual Challenges: A Deep Dive into Everteen Survey 2023

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Everteen’s 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023 gives us a candid look at the struggles Indian women face concerning menstruation and feminine hygiene. The comprehensive survey involved nearly 10,000 women from across Indian cities, revealing deeply personal and compelling narratives about menstrual health.

According to the survey, over 50% of women face disrupted sleep during the first two days of their menstrual cycle. The discomfort is further exacerbated by menstrual cramps, which 63.6% of women reported experiencing at moderate to severe levels. These cramps proved to be a significant hindrance, emerging as the biggest concern for 30% of women when venturing out during their period.

Furthermore, an overwhelming 82.8% of women admitted to struggling to concentrate on work due to menstrual discomfort or pain. This, coupled with the fact that 68.9% of women have taken a leave of absence from work during menstrual periods, points to a critical need for better menstrual health management solutions.

Despite these challenges, the survey highlighted a resilient and adaptive spirit among the respondents. For instance, 18.3% of women are already using menstrual cramps roll-on to manage period pain, demonstrating a proactive approach to personal care.

The survey also underlines the need for broader awareness and education about menstrual and feminine hygiene. A significant 25.8% of women still do not know what to do about white discharge, despite the fact that 83.4% of them have experienced it. Moreover, despite irregular periods being a common issue, with 69.3% women having experienced them, nearly 60% of these women did not consult a doctor about it.

These personal stories, captured through the Everteen Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023, shed light on the lived experiences of Indian women, highlighting the urgent need for improved menstrual health management and awareness.


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