Homeopathic Protocols of Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic, One of the Safest Alternative Treatment for Cancer


Homeopathy has emerged to be one of the safest alternative treatment for patients of cancer, being free of side-effects and not interfering with the action of any other medication and at Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic, cancer specific treatment protocols are helping manage patients of cancer quite effectively, improving their quality of life and adding more years of life to survivors. The rate of recurrence of some cancers has also proven to be very low for patients having undergone long-term treatment at the clinic.

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee (Left) and Dr. Kushal Banerjee (Right)

Offering a ray of hope to patients to continue and complete the course of conventional treatment without the risk of any drug interactions, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic’s homeopathic treatment can be continued along with oncological interventions.

Commenting about the unique homeopathic regimen, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, M.D. (Hom.), a Padma Shri Recipient, said, “Modern medicine tries to treat cancer mainly in three ways – chemotherapy (which includes hormonal therapy), radiation therapy, and through surgery. However, homeopathy can be beneficial as an add-on therapy to radiation or chemotherapy. In cases where the cancer is significantly advanced, elderly patients and those with pre-existing conditions like chronic kidney disease or liver cirrhosis, and in cases where the best available evidence indicates that no added benefit will accrue from chemotherapy and other interventions, withdrawing aggressive forms of treatment may benefit the patient. Since homeopathic medicines act in a gentle manner causing no discomfort to the patient while the patient is at home and can spend time with friends and family, this can vastly improve quality of life and may also prolong the life of the patient without adding to the patients’ suffering with the side-effects that chemotherapy or radiation may bring.”

He further added, “We consult over a hundred cancer patients at our clinic daily for homeopathic treatment as well as for treating side effects arising due to allopathic treatment. Leveraging our decades long experience in treating and managing thousands of cancer patients, we have developed evidence based and standardized treatment regimens which are highly effective in treating cancer as well as its side effects. In those patients who want to continue conventional treatments like chemotherapy, we help mitigate side effects.”

Fearing side effects, whether through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or a combination of these means, patients tend to delay or avoid interventions like chemotherapy. Also, patients are often unable to continue their treatment because of the negative impact of the treatment on the blood counts. Homeopathy can be used to manage these side effects without pain and fear of damage to the body or increase of risk of infection.

Lockdown, Cancer Management and Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic

As the world went into lockdown in March 2020, cancer patients were left in the lurch. A large number of patients on chemotherapy/ radiation therapy were informed that their treatment has been suspended. Surgeries to remove cancerous tumours were cancelled. At Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic, we received calls and emails from patients all over the world who had never taken homeopathy before but were turning to us since conventional treatments had been suspended.

The Clinic shipped thousands of consignments of medicines all over the country during India’s lockdown to ensure that the medicines for the management of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses reached its patients. Doctor’s and staff worked late into the night during lockdown coordinating the dispatch and delivery of these essential medicines in far flung parts of the country like Imphal, Srinagar etc. Every state in India received cancer management from Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic during lock down.

Tens of thousands of prescriptions were made with no charge to patients all over the world to ensure that no one was deprived of care. Hundreds of consignments were also dispatched to patients at no charge because continuity of care was the only concern for the Clinic.

Elaborating on how homeopathy can effectively manage side effects of those recovering from surgery or going through radiation, Dr. Kushal Banerjee, a second-generation homeopath at the clinic, said, “Severe appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, peripheral neuropathy are just some examples of side-effects which respond well to homeopathic medicines. Low white blood cell count during chemotherapy can lead to an immune-compromised state and contracting of life-threatening infections. Homeopathy helps minimise chances of such infections as well as in healing otherwise non-healing sites. Claims of ‘guarantees’ of cure of all cancers must be treated with caution. Patients should seek out experienced practitioners who demonstrate a careful understanding of the kinds and stages of cancers and provide clear communication of what may reasonably be expected from homeopathic treatments.

At Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic, more than 30% of patients of advanced hepato-cellular carcinoma have exceeded the survival time of 24 months, considered maximum for those who have undergone conventional cancer treatment. More than 90% of patients of early squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity have crossed the five-year survival mark. A significant number of patients have also lived beyond the 5-year survival period of glioblastoma multiforme. Patients of advanced stage cancers of the lungs, pancreas and ovaries who had not responded to chemotherapy and radiation and have undergone the homeopathic treatment, have lived more months and years than the survival estimates given by oncologists.

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic has also developed specific combinations of homeopathic medicines that can help improve kidney functions, and address liver related issues in cancer patients.

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