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Did you ever get a chance to notice that any sound frequency created, be it loud music, soothing flute or chirping of birds, directly affects our mind and body? Every little being on this planet makes a sound even while sleeping. Well, you will be shocked to know that if these sounds and frequencies are used in the proper manner, they can heal you and do miracles for your mind and body. After reading this article, you will start believing that sounds around us at times can be magical for our mind and body. These days sound waves are used to treat diseases like cancer, Alzheimer and autism.

Specific frequencies of sound (even inaudible ones) are being used in therapies to heal our mind and body by manipulating human brainwaves. For ages, using drum work and shamanic chanting, holistic healers use these frequencies to alter and manipulate human consciousness. Acoustic methodology therapy is in great demand as it aggrandizes self-healing within the body. Specific frequencies among Solfeggio frequencies have been used to create ambient music; some can help heal mental ailments like anxiety and depression.

Daily exposure to music proved beneficial for human health, as per the understanding of Pythagoras, who discovered the harmonic relationship between different mathematical ratios and various musical chords. Music helps in stabilizing the mental state by flushing out and evoking different emotions from the human body. Some of the instruments used in sound frequency therapy are djembe, rain stick, windchimes, pan flutes, etc.

Below mentioned are the frequencies that help human minds and bodies-

  1. 40 Hz: This frequency fights symptoms of dementia and increases neural responses. It is used in Alzheimer’s therapy.
  • 174 Hz: This frequency is great for removing pain and stress. It acts like natural anaesthesia.
  • 285 Hz: This frequency helps in healing the tissues of the human body. It encourages self-healing, the rapid healing of cuts and burns by cellular regeneration in the body.
  • 396 Hz: This frequency helps to eliminate subconscious fears, negative thoughts, anxiety, guilts and worries. It transforms negative emotions into joyful and positive emotions.
  • 417 Hz: This frequency helps to remove the negativity from the surroundings. It eliminates negative energies from our bodies. It helps us to come out of trauma and balances the sacral chakra.
  • 432 Hz: This frequency is soothing to the ears and provides greater clarity. It is relaxing to the mind and body. It also enhances spirituality.
  • 440 Hz: This frequency activates the third eye chakra and leads to cognitive development.
  • 528 Hz: This frequency brings more harmony and balance in life. It is also known as the miracle tone or the love frequency.
  • 639 Hz:  This frequency elevates the mood and balances emotions. It enhances interpersonal relationships and intends to induce positive feelings. It also promotes love and understanding.
  1. 852 Hz: This frequency helps in replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It also helps in awakening inner strength and intuition.
  1. 963 Hz: This frequency activates the crown chakra and enables a connection to the source of all humanity. It is also known as pure miracle tone or frequency of gods. It leads to higher spiritual development and activates the pineal gland.

Some of the frequencies mentioned above have been categorized as Solfeggio frequencies like 396, 417, 528, 639, 741 and 852 Hz. These frequencies specifically promote the transformation of interpersonal relationships, miracles and DNA repair, spiritual enlightenment, and liberation from negative feelings. Moreover, frequency 528 Hz has been given special attention as it connects with the frequencies and vibrations naturally found in the world.

Leverage the untapped potential of sound around us and uplift your mood and life journey in holistic ways.


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