GLOW IN A NATURAL WAY – The Magic of Ceramosides™

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  • The author of this article is Dr. Anish Desai, Director-Strategic Medical Affairs – Adroit Biomed Ltd

In a season where winters are once again sapping away at the moisture of your skin and dry, scaly, itchy skin is a common complaint, it’s time for getting some long-lasting benefits. It’s also the time of the year when you want to glow akin the Cinderella lights adorning the party lines. You may not be stepping out because of the pandemic, but then that should not dampen the spirits of you looking your amazing best come what may! It’s not enough to use highlighters and oils to have your skin appear dewy. Yes, that’s a part of it, but keeping your skin SUPER HYDRATED and using the right products to bring your natural glow is the first step to maintaining that beautiful appearance.

When your skin becomes dry, the skin flaws like wrinkles, blemishes appear more pronounced. The key to good skin health though is Ceramosides, a potent way to help replenish natural ceramides in your skin, to help support your skin’s firmness and smoothness – from the inside out. Our skin, the largest organ of the body is the protective sheath, literally protecting us from our head to toe. It is also the first line of defence against all external factors, from dust to UV rays. Constituted of three layers, the skin is a barrier to the loss of water & electrolytes. The stratum corneum which is the most external layer of the skin can be compared to a “brick wall”. This cellular sheath is fortified or “cemented” with lipids. The majority of these lipids are ceramides or glycospingolipids and that is why ceramides can be considered as key factors in the skin protection against water loss.

As per several clinical studies, Ceramosides™ contain polar lipids especially ceramides. It has demonstrated superior efficacy in skin moisturizing and anti-ageing with quick action and visible results within just two weeks! Significant results are also seen in the reduction of wrinkles and a marked improvement in skin elasticity. The skin is smoother and the dry chapped look is removed almost immediately. With age and with incessant subjection to pollution and myriad weather conditions, body’s natural manufacturing of ceramides is embattled. This is where Ceramosides™ come in – they are a patented, most powerful source of natural or phytoceramides and digalactosyl diglycerides (DGDG) . Completely gluten-free these rare lipids are extracted from wheat flour and have been selected to guarantee the best quality of this natural ingredient.

This innovative natural ingredient is available in the market in softgel & hardshell capsule forms or also in the form of tablets & beverages to improve skin moisturization. Because of the oral pathway of consumption, the effects can be seenon the face, body and hair. Interestingly, it’s effects can be observed as early as four weeks with daily and /or consistent intake. Taking oral moisturizers like Ceramosides™ will supplement the loss of ceramides your skin loses due to age, lifestyle, pollution, weather conditions, etc. Long lasting effects can be seen as the phytoceramides bind the skin together, thus making it supple, improving skin elasticity, glowing from within.

Adroit Biomed’s skin hydrating innovation:

Skin dryness is central to all the skin related ailments such as itch, wrinkles, discolouration, dermatitis, psoriasis and so on. Controlling the skin’s state of hydration at the right level helps reduce symptomatic as well as subclinical pathologies. Reinforcing the integrity of skin’s outermost cover, known as the stratum corneum offers not only suppleness but also adds to skin glow, reduces or delays appearance of wrinkles and also calms flare ups of dermatitis, psoriasis and other diseases. SKINFAY Capsules contain CERAMOSIDES, a patented ingredient which works on the concept of “Beauty from Within”. This patented complex of plant ceramides increases ceramide contents in the skin even after oral consumption. CERAMOSIDES offer not only moisturizing but also collagen boosting, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants benefits. SKINFAY Capsules is THE ONLY ORAL MOISTURIZER and a perfect daily routine

In a nutshell, Ceramosides are used to manage many dry skin conditions. They work by improving skin hydration and make the skin supple, elastic and glowing from within. Now let the world see the natural tinsel of the season and wonder what magic could have caused it!


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