Global Hospital Launches Stroke Second Opinion Clinic Online and Offline for Patients

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Stroke is a devastating condition. According to the World Stroke Organization (WSO), all over the world 80 million people are living with a stroke out of which 20 million would get a recurrence. Stroke can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Moreover, it is observed that often family members want reassurance of the treatment that is going on. Taking all these concerns into consideration, Global Hospital, Parel, has come up with the stroke second opinion clinic that will function online and offline from Monday to Friday

Global Hospital undertakes various campaigns, drives, and initiatives to create awareness regarding stroke. One such initiative is the launch of stroke second opinion clinic that will help a lot of people by giving them the holistic expert advice in time. This will further help in saving lives and in faster recovery of patients. The stroke clinic will be led by Dr Shirish M Hastak who has experience spanning over 30 years in the field of neurology and is one of the leading stroke specialist in the country.

Dr Shirish M Hastak, Regional Director, Neurology, Stroke & Neurocritical Care, Global Hospital, Mumbai, “The clinic will allow the patients to receive the next level of care for this problem. It will help understand about various causes of stroke or whether the patient needs any other treatment. It will also be helpful for those in the acute phase of stroke or who want a second opinion for their loved ones. There will be an additional focus on managing the risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes, and the patients will be advised physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The motto of the clinic is to save the lives of those who suffer from a stroke.”

“A multidisciplinary approach will give better outcomes for the patients with stroke. A detailed medical assessment is done by the team which ensures that patients get better medical therapy and rehabilitation. Timely diagnosis and intervention can help patients recover faster and also regain speech, gait, mobility, and even coordination. The clinic will indeed help improve the lives of the stroke patients,” concluded Dr Vivek Talaulikar, Chief Executive Officer, Global Hospital, Mumbai.


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