Esperer Nutrition introduces solution for Critical Disease Management portfolio through e-commerce giant tie-up to support “Poshan Abhiyaan”

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Esperer Nutrition now ties up with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and 1mg for their Supportive Nutrition Range for Non Communicable critical Disease Management. This includes categories like Post-Menopausal Health, Pre-Diabetic Care, Urinary Tract Infection, PCOD & PCOS Management and Bone & Joint Health. Launched on Amazon under the brand name Enorma, the mass availability of supportive nutrition through a renowned aggregator like Amazon will enable India to fight its silent emergency of malnutrition better and more easily.

More than half of all children under the age of four are malnourished, 30 percent of newborns are significantly underweight, and 60 percent of women are anemic with malnutrition costing the country at least $10 billion annually in terms of lost productivity, illness & death and seriously retarding improvements in human development and further reduction of childhood mortality as per the World Bank report, Wasting Away: The Crisis of Malnutrition in India. This initiative by Esperer Nutrition supports the country’s focus on combating this silent and unnoticed emergency.

Raktim Chattopadhay, Founder and CEO, Esperer Nutrition (EON), commented on the occasion, Non communicable Diseases (NCDs) are very difficult to manage with traditional health tactics, but innovative interventions do exist, and can be effectively implemented. To control the risk factors of NCDs, nutra-research needs to engage more actively in shaping policies that influence health and lifestyle. Esperer Nutrition’s Research based Enorma range is introduced to address a bigger population to support the National Nutrition Mission, Govt. of India’s flagship Programme “Poshan Abhiyaan”. Esperer’s research Center, ENDC located in Hyderabad and its Supply chain and marketing wings are bringing newer technology to make the products and service available to semi Urban-rural India more efficiently in coming days.”

DINI Axis (Diet-Infection-Nutrition-Immunity) is a research outcome that signifies the interaction metrics between Diet and Infection risk factor related to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). DINI confirms Therapeutic Nutritional Interventions through modifying immunomodulatory pathways to improve patient’s overall quality of life. All the products contain the highest quality of authentic nutraceuticals and are safe to consume in the recommended dosage after consulting doctors on any pre-existing, dormant or identified health conditions.

The products are targeted towards supporting and alleviating NCDs and related chronic conditions. It offers immunomodulatory nutrition based on Esperer’s proprietary research DINI AXIS for hormonal health problems like PCOS, PCOS & PCOS, Post Menopausal Health, Pre Diabetes, Post Partum Depression, General health products like Immunity, COPD Sleep Apnea; Bone and joint Health problems like general Bone and Joint Health, Post Menopausal Bone and Joint Health, Urolory conditions like UTI. Combating all of these challenges will enable the general populace to lead a better quality of life and improve productivity at home or work. This in turn will help reduce the burden of malnutrition related costs to the state and central governments in India.


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