Emmes and Essex Management Ignite a Clinical Research Revolution with Bioinformatics Power

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Emmes, a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) on a mission to transform public health and biopharmaceutical innovation, has made a bold move with the acquisition of Essex Management. Essex is a leading provider of bioinformatics and health information technology (HIT) consulting services to government, private sector, and academic organizations.

This acquisition is a catalyst for Emmes, allowing it to offer clients the most innovative solutions and expand its services. With the addition of Essex, Emmes will now be able to explore uncharted territories in clinical research and provide cutting-edge data strategies for biopharma clients.

The merger of Emmes and Essex will result in a clinical research powerhouse that’s setting the standard for innovation. With the combined strength of Emmes’ advanced analytics solutions and Essex’s technology skills, the CRO will be better equipped to tackle global health challenges and ignite a clinical research revolution.

Essex’s reputation as a technology catalyst in the life sciences, combined with Emmes’ successful partnerships with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other public sector clients, will create a spark that will drive growth and bring a new level of innovation to the field of clinical research.

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