Crosscope and Rela Hospital partner to use Artificial Intelligence for advancing digital diagnostic capabilities in pathology

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Today Crosscope announced their partnership with Rela Hospital, one of India’s leading multispecialty hospitals as their Program to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused network for cancer diagnostics. This first Indian partnership between the Silicon Valley based Crosscope and Rela Hospital will work to develop and deploy new machine learning models to predict cancers and assist doctors in early diagnosis using AI tools for histopathology whole slide images as part of the collaboration program “Digital Pathology without boundaries” launched by Crosscope Inc. 

The traditional method of cancer diagnosis involves visual inspection of tumor tissue on a glass slide by a pathologist using a microscope. In contrast, Crosscope’s AI-powered digital pathology can identify patterns in tissue seen on the whole slide imaging data to characterize the disease that are not necessarily detected by the naked eye. The company’s Crosscope DX platform combines AI with advanced digital imaging to help with automatic identification of relevant diagnostic regions of interest and perform counting of cancer cells on histopathology whole slide images (WSI). Because AI systems improve with exposure to new data, the data from Rela Hospital’s deep sub-specialized expertise aims to enhance Crosscope’s efforts to uncover new insights that will help improve cancer diagnosis and patient care.

The collaboration will focus largely on improving solutions to diagnose and treat liver disease, according to Crosscope CEO Jayendra Shinde. He added “Crosscope is keen on improving laboratory efficiencies by building clinical decision-making tools to ultimately make a positive impact on patient care. We are excited to collaborate with Rela Hospital to expand the use of our technology to liver cancers. Given Rela Hospital’s reputation for implementing the latest proven technologies and advanced models of patient care, this partnership will enable us to ensure broad adoption of clinical products we are building.”

Dr. Mukul Vij, Director, Clinical Laboratories & Senior Consultant Histopathologist at Rela Hospital said, “We are very excited to collaborate with Crosscope in this important task of improving efficiencies in diagnosis and partner to bring AI technologies to clinics in India.” He also added, “We expect that the AI-driven Crosscope Dx platform will derive even more actionable insights from digital slides for pathologists through the software integration at Rela Hospital.”

Prof. Mohamed Rela, Chairman & Managing Director, Rela Hospital said “Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry with the potential to improve patient outcomes. Machine learning based algorithms can assist in cancer diagnosis. We have an interest in primary liver cancers and we believe that AI technology can predict prognosis which will ultimately help physicians to start a more patient-centric therapy.”


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