Copan, putting Covid-19 challenges behind and setting up for the post-pandemic scenario

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With an email to the main distributors, Copan group’s CEO describes how the ramp-up of Covid-19-related products has been concluded, and how the company is now reorganizing to face post-pandemic challenges.

Last Tuesday, Copan partners received an email signed by Copan’s CEO Stefania Triva herself. Certainly, it was not the first email they received from the leader in preanalytics last year. Still, this time the communication tried to put a full stop to pandemic-related struggles, informing about the accomplishment of 2020 common goals and reorganizing the company and its network for the years to come.

“We worked non-stop to expand our production,” said Stefania Triva, describing the global actions taken by the company and already explained in a video published in January. “Thanks to these efforts, I am very proud to announce that the goal of reaching one billion of each flocked and classic swabs produced per year has now been accomplished. Likewise, the target of half a billion of transport media manufactured per year is going to be reached soon.” As written in the email, this represents a pivotal role for Copan, as there’s now the chance to restore product lines that were on standby to prioritize Covid-19 related products.

Anyway, other challenges are just around the corner, as Covid-19 has been the access point to preanalytics for new players worldwide. While the competition in the field increased dramatically, “Preanalytics and sample quality importance became public knowledge,” she continues. The value of screening and prevention programs has been permanently recognized, and a maintained demand for biological collection and transport products for the following years is foreseeable. “We believed and invested in preanalytics way earlier than everybody else; behind our quality products, there are 40 years of expertise, investments, scientific reliability, and a solid network of healthcare professionals and partners to collaborate with,” states Copan’s CEO. This approach has been adopted even during last year, with the release of innovative products as UniVerse™, the automation that helped healthcare professionals in processing Covid-19 samples.

Concluding, Stefania Triva is confident for the future of Copan: “We’ll be able to pick up where we left off, driving preanalytics development to cope with the challenges of the years ahead.”

Surely, across the horizon new challenges appeared, and we shall see what Copan has in store for the future.


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