Consult Family Doctor Before Getting Vaccinated For Covid-19: Suggests Doctor

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Vaccine can be described as a product that stimulates one’s immune system in order to produce immunity for protecting one towards any diseases. Covishield and Covaxin against Covid-19 are currently administered to doctors and paramedics in the initial phase. In the later phase, children, senior citizens and adults will be given the vaccine. Before taking the vaccine, instead of believing on hearsay things, get your doubts cleared with your family doctor. 

Coronavirus continues to create havoc all over the world. But, the good news is that the massive vaccination drive has been initiated from January 16 2021, to safeguard people from this deadly virus. Even though the much-awaited vaccines are here, many aren’t sure regarding its efficacy and believe that the vaccine may produce side-effects. Speak to your doctor before jumping on any conclusions regarding the vaccines. Moreover, those above 60 having comorbidities like diabetes, heart problems, asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) should take vaccination without fail.

Dr. Sanjay Nagarkar, General physician, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Pune highlighted, “People should take vaccines without fearing complications. These vaccines are similar to influenza (flu) or pneumococcal vaccination and can be given to people belonging to any age group. The only side-effects after taking them are fever, joint, nausea and body pain, may continue till 48 hours and around 10-15% experience them. The treatment for these side-effects is taking paracetamol as recommended by the doctors. Vaccines will help increase immunity and then after taking a second dose scheduled after 28 days will help produce adequate antibodies after a month of getting vaccinated. Discuss with your family doctors as they will be able to guide you. Get vaccinated if you plan to travel outside the country.”


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