Columbia Pacific Communities Positive Aging Report: Seniors outdo youth in pursuing conscious diet and fitness 

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Often the words ‘diet,’ ‘nutrition,’ and ‘fitness’ are associated with the youth of a nation, while senior citizens are perceived as living a life that’s limited. However, the Positive Aging Report by India’s largest senior living community operator, Columbia Pacific Communities, offers some startling insights that absolutely debunk various stereotypes […]

The Green Mediterranean Diet Modifies the Bacterial Population In Our Gut, With Specific Bacteria Mediating Weight Loss and Cardiac Risk Reduction

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The green Mediterranean diet (MED) has a striking effect on the microbial population of the human gut (i.e., the “gut microbiome”). In a large-scale clinical interventional trial- the DIRECT PLUS – the gut microbiome of green MED dieters was enriched with bacteria that are known to have a significant effect […]

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