Busting the myth: Getting vaccinated is a safer and wiser decision

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  • The author of this article is Dr. Shreevidya Venkatraman, Senior Consultant-Internal Medicine, MGM Healthcare Chennai

The onslaught of pandemics right from the 16th century (small pox) pushed doctors to their toes and researchers to their full capacity to keep digging out faster ways, safer vaccines. Nothing prepared the world at the end of 2019 -beginning of 2021 that we will be hit by a virus which has wiped out almost 18 months of our normal lives. The only way to go ahead is “Immunisation”/vaccine.

What are vaccines? A vaccine is a biological substance designed to protect humans from infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Some of the well-known vaccine preventable diseases are Mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox, polio, Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, Tb, Hepatitis.

The lessons we learnt by not giving children polio vaccines is evident in the form the physical handicap they are facing as adults. Life doesn’t stop but it has to a fruitful, as much pain free as possible. Covid has taught us to detoxify, declutter our lives …But how many of us have actually learnt. The number of queries a doctor at the vaccine center faces is as if each of them want a personal assurance that this vaccine will save them and not cause any harmful side effect. In a lighter Vein, does anyone ask that Samosawala, liquor seller or a pharmacy if this samosa, rum(….) or whatever OTC medicine is going to cause any side effects ..NO. Then why now, when we are seeing people around us, our own kith and kins , US get affected, suffer and lose lives to the tune of thousands and lakhs, we ask this question…IS IT SAFE? DOES IT CAUSE IMPOTENCY? DOES IT DO GENETIC TRANSFORMATION? WILL IT INCREASE MY SUGARS? WILL IT CLOG MY ARTERIES?


Here goes some popular myth bursting

  1. No vaccines don’t do any such magic…It has to give you adequate protection to minimize the damage the virus will do once infected
  2. It doesn’t increase blood sugar…In appropriate eating ,bad life styles does it
  3. Rapid development of vaccine does not mean less efficacy…mobile phones also get upgraded every year so do video games. Science has evolved and no short cuts were taken in the development of vaccines.
  4. Vaccine has nothing to do with drug, food or skin allergy. Talk to the expert available at the vaccination centre
  5. All above 18 have to take vaccines (including pregnant, breast feeding mothers, diabetics, cancers patients, etc.)
  6. All those cardiac patients with Stents MUST!!!!!
  7. Minor side effects are expected, Vaccines simulate a milder flu like symptoms for 2-3 days. Side effects can be handled effectively and easily. Covid infection is tougher.
  8. Those who had vaccine done need vaccine: they definitely do, because the post infection antibody gives only short term protection.
    1. Mild/asymptomatic Covid positive: 4 weeks from testing positive
    1. Moderate/severe infection: 8 to 12 weeks
  9. Vaccines Means No Mask: its not. Vaccines don’t prevent infection, it will minimise the severity of the infection
  10. Vaccines give you Covid: no it doesn’t coz vaccines are only protein derivatives from the virus , not the actual live virus.

The only thing which is actually stopping people from vaccination is fear of unknown and lack of awareness . SO BECOME AWARE, SMART AND GET VACCINATED


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