Apollo Clinic introduces Post-Covid Recovery Clinic for The Patients

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To help patients deal with the side-effects of the Covid-19 infection, Pune-based Apollo Clinic has realized the importance of Post-Covid syndrome.  An increased number of patients are coming with health complications owing to which Apollo Clinic has started Post-Covid Recovery OPDs. The clinic will consist of a team of experts who will help these patients to deal with the aftermath of the infection, and get back on track.

Covid-19 takes a toll on almost all the important organs of the body. It not only attacks the lungs but other body parts too due to which health problems crop up. Patients who have recovered from Covid-19 are exhibiting symptoms like cough, Post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD), stress, chest tightness, depression, lack of sleep, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, tiredness, breathing and neurological problems, and even chest pain as they were having while they were infected and are unaware of where to go. Apart from stroke and heart attack, even other conditions like diabetes, lung fibrosis, and hypertension are part of the post-Covid syndrome. This infection also has long-term consequences. Hence, there is a sudden surge in the number of deaths of post-Covid patients.

Dr. Ajay Gangoli, Medical Director Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited. “There are many recovered Covid-19 patients who have complained about challenges and difficulties after getting infected and recovered. There are two phases, acute and chronic. Acute post-Covid is when people recover in 3 weeks and still exhibit symptoms till 3months. Symptoms persisting after 3 months can be referred to as chronic post-Covid. Around 10% of Covid patients exhibit ‘long Covid’ symptoms while fewer people may have symptoms over 3 months. Thus, a post-Covid recovery clinic including specialists is a boon for such patients. The patients will receive specialized care for their problems and will be able to restore their health by reducing morbidity and mortality. This clinic will be a one-stop solution for the patients to help them resume their normal life. The patients will be regularly monitored for their symptoms and will receive timely medical attention.”


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