Any patient who was infected with Post COVID -19, be it mild, moderate or severe, can develop several Post- COVID health issues: Kauvery Hospitals

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Kauvery Hospital launches Post-COVID wellness clinic across Chennai, Trichy, Salem and Hosur

COVID 19 infection has impacted our health beyond imagination. Even those deemed to have mild infection, seem to suffer from prolonged crippling health issues. What we perceived as an illness with 14-day quarantine now seems to get prolonged as Long COVID even beyond 12 weeks.

Irrespective of age and gender, patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic heart, lung, kidney, intestinal and liver diseases got the worse end of the spectrum. Even after the critical phase, their organ dysfunction took days to stabilize impairing their day to day activities. There are patients who suffer from nonspecific symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness, palpitations, dizziness, loss of balance, foggy minds, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, joint pains, insomnia, impaired memory, anxiety and depression while others present with Heart attacks and strokes. Both bleeding and clotting issues became bafflingly common. Bacterial and fungal infections seem to present in uncommon sites with unexpected severity

To address and ameliorate this painful predicament in which the patients and their families now find themselves in, Kauvery Hospital, one of the leading healthcare in Tamil Nadu, have launched Post–Covid Wellness Clinics across all their hospitals and health centers in the state. At Kauvery Hospitals, more than 95 % of patients admitted with Covid recovered and went home safely.

“Post COVID health issues are seen even in patients with no lung involvement. COVID infection can have lasting impact on almost any organ in our body, from brain to heart to legs. Therefore, it becomes important to ascertain the exact problem and rectify it. Often control of pre-existing chronic illnesses which went off the rails need to be stabilized to decrease the long term side effects. The perplexing package of new and strange symptoms that severely affect the quality of life need to be seen in their perspective, analyzed and addressed,” says Dr. Manivannan, Managing Director – Kauvery Group of Hospitals

The wellness clinics will provide thoughtful, considerate and careful service to patients who suffer from post-covid illnesses or difficulties in pursuing their daily life.

At this time, when there is speculation about the dawn of a new strain of the virus with higher transmissibility, it becomes all the more important for people to faithfully adopt “universal precautions” by wearing masks correctly, maintaining social distancing and practicing personal and environmental hygiene. Prevention and precautions play a major role in fighting the virus.

Speaking on the launch of the post-Covid wellness program, Dr.Vijaylakshmi Balakrishnan, Sr Consultant, Infectious Diseases, Kauvery Hospital, said , “ We have been providing the best healthcare for COVID over the last 10 months, and are now going a step further in ensuring that the patient recovers completely from the virus and its after effects. We are committed to address the medical challenges faced by people, hear them out and suggest appropriate treatment for the same. Together we will fight the ongoing pandemic.”

The post Covid wellness care includes Complete blood count, CRP, ECG, ECHO, Lipid Profile, Renal Function Test, Pulmonary Function Test, Chest X Ray, Family Physician consultation, infectious diseases consultations.

When required, after the general consultation with a General / Pulmonology / Infectious disease physician, further super specialty consultations which patients are advised shall be offered at discounted prices, making it affordable for all.


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