Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL)Ties-up with Health Tech Solution Providers for Employee Wellness and Holistic Healthcare

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Even as the extending pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on employee wellness around the world, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), India’s leader in test preparation services, has partnered with the developers of Practo, an app for video consultation with doctors, and YourDost, an online platform for counselling and support for emotional problems, to ensure that its employees have free access to reliable medical interventions online for any physical or mental health issue they may come to face. 

Following the tie-ups, AESL employees can instantly get free video, call and chat consultations from doctors of about 23 medical specialties through the Practo app. Employees and upto six of their family members (four adults and two kids under 18 years of age) can each avail consultations as many as 15 times in a month. Employees can also get 20% discounts on pharmacy and diagnostic services.

From YourDost, employees can avail free unlimited text counselling from pre-vetted experts (psychologists, counsellors, career coaches, life coaches) for mental and emotional health problems, anytime of the day. Employees can also fix appointments with the pre-vetted experts for audio/video sessions and attend webinars.

Talking about the company’s partnerships for holistic healthcare of its employees, Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), said, “The ongoing pandemic is not just about a viral infection. By necessitating restrictions on mobility and lifestyle choices — not to mention, the resultant disruptions in social support and work-life imbalances with remote work — it has also affected the overall wellbeing of employees. Hence, while organisations take adequate measures against the risk of COVID-19 infection and for its treatment for their employees, they also need to address the pandemic-induced physical and mental health problems of their team. Our tie-ups with Practo and YourDost assume significance as they bring reliable medical and counselling support for our employees at their need of hour.” 

It is to be noted that AESL launched a vaccination drive across its nation-wide network May 2021 onwards to protect its employees and their family members against COVID-19. In addition to the vaccination drive, the company also runs a national helpline to support employees who need medical assistance for COVID-19 infection. 

AESL is offering financial aid and humanitarian support to relieve the COVID-19 burden from its employees and their families. It has announced that in the unfortunate event of an employee succumbing to COVID-19 infection, the company will give one year salary of the deceased staff to his or her family. AESL will also bear the cost of medical insurance for all the immediate family members for three years and support the education of the children in the family till they complete their graduation.


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