A great life saving help to hospitals by ‘Safe Society’

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In this, tough time of covid-19 pandemic, many lives have been in danger. Several families have

been hit by the pandemic badly and even lost their close ones. But there have been people and

groups who came forward to help the ones in need. The efforts have not gone in vain as there was

a severe need for humans to help each other in this tough time.

There have been requirements for several medical facilities in every corner of the country. A few

requirements were met by the help and dedication of ‘Safe Society’, a social development

organization in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Today, the organization in collaboration with Habitat

for Humanity India, provided free ventilators to the district hospitals in Maharajganj. The program

was concluded with a silence of 2 minutes in the memory of the people who lost their lives in this


“Apart from the ventilators, other life saving equipments will also be provided by the organization.

Also, there is a proposal of providing 100 hospital beds to the hospitals in Kushinagar district.

‘Safe Society’ is doing a commendable job in this hard time of pandemic and is a worthy step

towards serving the society”, said A.K Srivastava, Chief Medical Officer.

Vaibhav Sharma, the director of ‘Safe Society’ further stated, “We are receiving the requirements

consistently and are working to meet them. The proposals for which we will be working next are

for Gorakhpur and Kushinagar. It’s our wish to provide every other life saving essentials to the

people in need and we will do it with our full effort.”

‘Safe Society’, established in 2005 has been working for the welfare of children and women in

Uttar Pradesh for 15 years. In the covid-19 emergency, the organization took the initiative of

distributing several medical facilities such as 42 oximeter, 310 sanitizers, 550 masks, 54 oxygen

cylinders, sanitary pads, medicines and organized around 37 hospital beds for the people in need.

There was also the facility of telephonic consultation to the patients by doctors provided by the

group in association with a panel of doctors. The organization has not only just provided healthcare

facilities but also has distributed around 285 dry ration packets to the women of slums and streets.

Apart from this they have also come forward to help the street dwellers by offering them cooked

food in the unfortunate time of covid-19 pandemic.


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