2022 will see pharma target nutraceutical products to tap into consumer spending on preventative health

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CPhI Worldwide – the world’s largest pharma event, which will be hosted at the Frankfurt Messe (1-3 November, 2022) – releases the final part of its annual report with far reaching predictions for 2022 and beyond into 2025 for the nutraceuticals market.

The findings explore the long-term trends underway in the global nutraceutical industry, with consumers predicted to increase spending on natural products and sustainable formulations that can offer ‘preventative or proactive’ health benefits. Consequentially, it is likely we will see pharma companies increasingly introducing nutraceutical formulations and forming strategic partnerships with CDMOs to develop new products.

The report was made by CPhI’s nutraceutical experts from SIRIO pharma and suggests that consumer-friendly dosage forms – such as gummies and softgels – that can be made with natural ingredients and supportable health claims, will see rapid growth.

Dominique Baum, MD at SIRIO Europe, added: “the growth in preventative approaches to health as a consumer trend has not gone unnoticed by pharma companies, which are looking to use their often highly trusted and valuable brands to open-up new markets. This means looking at non pharmaceutical or alternative pharmaceutical methods that can be sold as part of the overall package to improve health – everything from apps, and dietary advice to supplements. It then becomes important for pharmaceutical companies to work with GMP certified manufacturers that also have experience in nutraceutical innovation.

The report predicts that the most successful launches are likely to be from brands with well-developed marketing strategies and products that closely align with adjacent offerings. This is particularly important as the McKinsey Wellness Research showed that ‘consumers don’t want a single solution and that targeted extensions will deliver greater engagement and potential sales breakthroughs.’ Initially, pharma will most likely look to innovate delivery forms of existing supplements that have evidence-based and approved health claims (e.g., EFSA). The next step is to align products along health categories, with ‘dual benefit’ formulations – for example probiotic formulations for immunity, digestion and/or nervous system – and novel delivery and dosage forms to prevail.

For example, omega 3s have approved claims to maintain normal brain and heart functions along with normal blood pressure and triglycerides and cholesterol levels. These essential fatty acids  can be used in combination with B vitamins, vitamins D and C and/or zinc, all of which bearing complementary health claims that range from supporting the immune system to brain function and mood as well as contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. With the overall industry trend towards patient centricity, pharma is attracted by the dosage flexibility offered by nutraceuticals – particularly enjoyable dosage forms, like gummies and softgels.

Another global trend predicted to accelerate over the next 2-3 years is for natural alternatives to help boost mind, mood and wellness. For example, we are seeing ashwagandha as one of the most popular adaptogens globally with recent clinical trials supporting its anti-stress and sleep-promoting effects. Ginseng and saffron are also generating more consumer excitement, especially with scientific evidence of their many health benefits that include mood and brain boosting properties.

Orhan Caglayan, Brand Director at CPhI Worldwide, added: “What our report shows is that pharma brands have been inspired by some of the consumer-friendly innovations seen in nutraceuticals, and with overall wellness, sustainability and plant-based diets proliferating, many nutra formulations meet these three intersecting trends. More generally, we are seeing a growth in ingredients like adaptogens, probiotics and mood health formulations. And, in the medium term we expect large growth in gummies and innovative delivery forms as they fit easily within overall health regimens and of course perfectly meet the growing trend of patient centricity. So, over the next few years we anticipate many more novel and natural nutraceutical ingredients at CPhI Worldwide as consumers look to take a much more active role in ensuring health and wellness year-round.”

The full report is available for download at cphi-online.com, and for more information about the 2022 events, please visit cphi.com/Europe.


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